The FCI in the process of modernisation

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is more than one hundred years old; it was actually formed in 1911 and this year celebrates its 103rd anniversary. It now has 89 member countries. Reconciling the different points of view and finding solutions that satisfy everyone (or at least the majority) is never easy.

Each member has its own structures, traditions or reality, whether economic, social or cynological.

There is, however, one area where the desire to move forward together and keep pace with the challenges of our time is undoubted; that area is the modernisation and simplification of working procedures.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
International Dog Show 2014 in Salzburg

The International Dog Show in Salzburg is the second regular feature of the Austrian show calendar, and as of this year will always take place in April. This dog show is traditionally held by the Salzburg Dog Club (Kynologischer Verein für das Land Salzburg) under the patronage of the national canine organisation of Austria (ÖKV) and the FCI.

© Ilse Manner
Judge: Karl P. Reisinger (AT)

The Salzburg Dog Club is one of the oldest dog clubs in Austria, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2005. The first Salzburg Dog Show, held on 16 June 1912, recorded a significant number of entries - 494 dogs. At that time Dachshunds were the most commonly exhibited breed, followed by German Sheepdogs and Hunting Spaniels. After the Second World War, work started on rebuilding the club and the first post-war show was held in 1949, with 248 dogs entered. In 1953 Salzburg gained its first International Dog Show. After using a number of different venues in Salzburg, the bold decision was taken on the occasion of the club's 90th anniversary to hold the show on the Salzburg Messe fairground. This decision was rewarded with an incredible number of entries - 2191 dogs. Since then, the International Dog Shows have continued to be held at the Messe, always with great success.

This year dog show was held at the Messe on 5-6 April 2014, again organised by the Salzburg Dog Club.

1770 dogs representing some 230 breeds and from 28 countries were entered, 200 more than in the previous year. This success can be attributed to the work of the organisation team headed by the President of the Salzburg Dog Club, Heidi Kirschbichler, as well as to Salzburg's excellent location as an exhibition venue.

On account of her unexpected death at the beginning of the year, the Salzburg Dog Show had to take place without Steffi Kirschbichler, the "Grande Dame" of Austrian cynology, whose whole cynological life was centred on this dog show.

© Ilse Manner
Judge: Jochen Eberhardt (DE)

The 2014 Salzburg dog show was a great success from a cynological point of view. Sufficient space was available in the large Hall 10 for visitors, commercial exhibitors and participants, and the pleasant and calm atmosphere bore witness to the event's good organisation, as did the high number of commercial exhibitors. The multi-faceted midday programme in the main ring (performed by the "Moonstar Jumpers") was also well received, with the many visitors being given the opportunity to learn interesting details about Obedience, Agility, ‘dogdance’ and ‘trickdog’. The afternoon programme began with Junior Handling, Best Puppy and Best Veteran, followed by the choice of Best of Group and culminating on both days with the choice of the Best Junior of the Day and the Best of the Day.

The Saturday winner was the English Pointer, SÁREGRESI INTERNATIONAL VICTORY, owned by Pocsi Viktoria, while on Sunday the Berger Blanc Suisse, WAROGGI MAITREYA, owned by SABIROV DMITRY, was chosen as Best of the Day. Our congratulations to the dogs’ owners on this outstanding success.

Finally we would like to congratulate the Salzburg Dog Club for having organised such a successful dog show and look forward to next year's event (2015 Salzburg International Dog Show on 28-29 March 2015).

© Deya

Elisabeth Manner
Show department, Head of Office at ÖKV